Winter Is Coming: Winterize With Ease

Photo via Flickr, Roman Boed
Photo via Flickr, Roman Boed

Colder weather is creeping up on us and for many we’re making our final RV trips of the year. Pretty soon, we’ll have to winterize our RVs to protect them against the elements.

Luckily, the most difficult part of winterizing your RV is deciding when the last trip of the season will be. After that, it’s just a few quick preparations to ensure you won’t have costly repairs facing you after the snow has melted.

One of the biggest threats to your RV during colder months is water freezing in your pipes. There is a surprising amount of space water can flow through your RV, so you want to make sure you flush out tanks, sinks, and holding tanks. First off, you’ll need some antifreeze before you get started winterizing your RV. It’s important to select a non-toxic antifreeze and always be careful to disconnect your water supply to your ice maker before winterizing. You definitely don’t want to get any of it up in those lines.

If your RV is equipped with a generator, you’ll also want to drain the fuel from it. Fuel sitting for months in a generator will build up a residue that will clog the carburetor — another costly repair if it happens to you.

While protecting pipes and generators are obviously important steps in the winterizing process, there’s one step that sometimes gets overlooked and can end up causing a whole new headache. Before storing your RV for the season, don’t forget to make a thorough search for any food that may have been left in a cabinet, or if you have kids, in between couch cushions. Rodents will find any little morsel in a warm space like your RV and are capable of doing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

While winterizing your RV will take some time, you’ll feel the benefits that first warm Spring day when your RV is ready to hit the road.

Have questions on winterizing your RV? Contact our our service department with any questions you may have. And as always, visit one of our locations for some great deals on the best RVs in the industry. Whether you’re looking for service or a new fifth wheel, our helpful staff will help you find just what you’re looking for.

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