RV Tips: 3 Appliances You’ll Want in Your RV

Whether you have a new RV, or if you’ve been RVing for years, you probably know that RVs don’t seem to have that much storage. But with the recreational vehicle manufacturers of today, it seems that storage is available more and more! Now, they design recreational vehicles with your needs in mind! If you have that kind of extra space we’re talking about, you’ll want these three small appliances in your new RV to make your RV vacations and trips your best adventures yet.


Instant Pot RV Appliance

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is becoming more and more popular, and for a great reason! Not only is it a slow cooker and a rice cooker, but it’s also a safe and durable pressure cooker that cooks fast. When we say it cooks fast, we mean within minutes!

It’s an amazing invention–one that cooks are falling head over heels for–and RVers will, too! If you’re looking for fast meal prep and cooking time, the Instant Pot is the way to go! It’s not too large, either, so you’ll be able to store it in a small compartment under your RV or inside one of your cabinets in the kitchen. Just bring it out whenever you’re ready for those yummy Instant Pot recipes!


Pour Over

Pour Over Coffee


Coffee snob? Yeah, us too. We love our coffee, and camping without coffee has never been an option. If you feel the same, you may fall in love with a ceramic coffee filter. It’s easy to go into a coffee shop and get your coffee ground to a smaller granule, and then put your coffee grounds in the pour over and pour your hot water over it. It makes delicious coffee in only a few minutes.

If you are always trying to conserve water, this will be helpful and easier to clean than your regular coffee maker or french press. Check out different kinds of pour over methods to make the best coffee you’ve ever had!





We’ve been raving over this idea every since we heard it! The dehumidifier changes the way your RV feels in any given season.This will bring a bit of convenience and luxury to your recreational vehicle that you’ve never experienced before.

It is one that most people may not think of having in their RV, but because RVs get so humid, the dehumidifier will be helpful inside of such a small space. It will be extremely useful to get all of the moisture out of your RV.

There’s always inevitable window moisture in any RV, but it lowers the condensation and also allows for your blankets and towels to stay dry more easily. You’re spouse will thank you for keeping their towels nice and dry in the bathroom! No more having to put them outside on a string anytime you take a shower inside.


You’re All Set for Your Next RV Adventure! 

These three appliances will change the way that you see luxury in your own RV. They’ll make it more simple and convenient for the whole family, and each item is small in size so you will not have to worry about feeling crowded by adding these to your RV list. Please contact us today with any questions on our selections of new RVs. We wish you a more convenient and easy RV trip, and thank you for reading our RV tips!

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