How Much Weight Can Your Vehicle Tow? Find Out Here!

tow guidesThe 2017 Tow Guides have arrived! Now, you can determine the tow ratings of all trucks and SUVs from 1999-2017 with our easy to use online tow guides.

Determining your vehicle’s tow rating is a crucial factor in determining which towable RV to purchase. If you will be using your existing truck or SUV for towing or planning on purchase a new tow vehicle, it’s important to know what your limitations are before RV shopping.

Know how much your vehicle can tow and you will be able to narrow down what size and construction of RV to buy. Pulling too much weight puts stress on your tow vehicle’s engine and transmission. On the other hand, you want an RV with all the amenities you want and that’s large enough to fit all your travel companions comfortably.

On the Windish RV website, we provide an accurate, up to date Tow Guide showing the weight rating of various trucks, SUV, and minivans available on the market from 1999-2017.

This way, you are able to quickly and easily choose just the right RV to suit your vehicle. Looking for a light weight camper that your minivan can tow? Not sure if your half ton truck can pull a mid profile fifth wheel? Find Out the Answer Here!

Tow Guides Windish RVEach yearly guide is broken down into sections by make, model and engine type. If you know this basic vehicle information, you can then determine your tow rating. From there, compare prospective RVs’ dry weight ratings, also known as unloaded vehicle weight (UVW).

If you are in the market to buy a tow vehicle, our 2017 Tow Guides are a handy reference. Whether you are looking for a new or used truck, SUV or minivan, you will find the tow rating you are looking for in our guide.

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s ability to tow a certain RV, Contact Us at Windish RV and one of our experienced RV team members will help answer any concerns you may have. We are always here to help!

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