Grand Design Solitude Review: The Big & Tall of the Fifth Wheel World!

Big and tall men need big and tall RVs! In this Grand Design Solitude review, see the features that make this fifth wheel outstanding. Say goodbye to RV camping where the bed is too small and the ceiling isn’t high enough and you spend your time inside hunched over! Read more about the oversized features you’ll love in our Grand Design Solitude fifth wheels for sale below!

Grand Design Solitude

Big and Tall Everything

Taller ceilings? Check. Body width of 101”? Check. Slide outs measuring 6’8” tall? Check. In the Solitude fifth wheel, you’ll find deeper and wider dimensions all around you.

Grand Design Solitude

Show of hands: have you ever gone camping and felt cramped in a tiny little space the whole time? Remember how “fun” that was? The Grand Design Solitude is designed so you can camp comfortably without compromising or minimizing the space you need.


Extra Spacious Bedroom

Most Solitude fifth wheels in our inventory include a King size bed. Say goodbye to hugging the side of the edge on a Queen size mattress! A King bed means you can finally get the rest you need. Oh, and there’s also a walk in closet in the bedroom, because why not? You can’t expect to go out RVing for weeks at a time with just a few cubby drawers to hold your things!

Grand Design Solitude

The storage space in the Grand Design Solitude allows you to pack along what you need even if you’re vacationing for weeks or months at a time, and the LED TV in the bedroom means you can enjoy some downtime in the afternoon.


Super-Sized Entertainment

You don’t expect the Grand Design Solitude to skimp on entertainment when everything else is upsized too, do you? A big screen telescoping LED TV in the living room, accompanied by a fireplace, extra large sofas, and even an upsized scenic window increases your ability to get some R & R.

Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude includes so many oversized features, it’s impossible to include them all in our Grand Design Solitude review, but check out our Grand Design Solitude fifth wheels for sale to see more and contact us today. If you want more of everything in your fifth wheel, you definitely need a Solitude.

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