Easy RV Tips: 4 Tips for Picking the Best Campsite

When you’re taking time off from work and spending precious hours planning a family getaway, the last thing you want is a sub-par campsite! At Windish RV, we believe that every camping experience should leave you with great memories made. That’s why we’ve compiled these easy RV tips for picking the best campsite.

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Research the Campground

Most campgrounds now have websites, so you can easily log on to a computer and find out details about the campgrounds in the area you plan to visit. You’ll be able to research the layout of the entire campground, find easy directions, look at photos, and even take note of local attractions. 

Read Reviews

Another benefit of online research is reading reviews from previous campers who stayed at the campground where you’ll be staying. It’s great to read a variety of ratings, so you get a clear picture of the quality of amenities and friendliness of the staff. A good rule of thumb is to read one 5-star review, one 1-star review, and two-three reviews in the 2-4 star ratings. 

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Book Ahead

Campground staff are usually eager to answer any questions you might have about their sites and layout, so don’t hesitate to call. You can be sure you book that prime location if you make a point to reserve the spot in advance. Don’t expect to get an outstanding view or convenient location without a reservation. Call ahead!

Join a Camping Club

Joining a camping club can give you special insights into the campgrounds you may be visiting. Often, these clubs offer exclusives and specials to their members, so get on a mailing list and start saving today! Additionally, you’ll be able to connect with other members and find out their favorite campgrounds, sight-seeing opportunities, and more!

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