Don’t Miss Out On Mount Evans: The Highest Paved Road in North America

mount evans
By Boilerinbtown (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Denver is known as the “Mile High City.” Its claim to fame is bolstered by unique boutique shops, gorgeous mountain views, and a laid back, welcoming atmosphere that will likely make you want to call it home. If you’re heading to Colorado for an unforgettable vacation, family bonding, or just looking to get some time to yourself you won’t want to miss out on Mount Evans, North America’s highest paved road. Mount Evans is ranked the #1 attraction in Denver, and it’s no wonder why. Gorgeous photo opportunities are available along every twist and turn of this road.

Mount Evans is a part of the Rocky Mountains and a perfect place for those who have never been to the area to check out as first time visitors. Half way up the mountain is a visitors center where you can stop in and learn about hiking, biking, and exploring what all the mountain has to offer.

Now, the best time to visit Mount Evans will depend on whether you like people or not. If you love to talk to the locals, learn where they eat and shop, you’ll want to come on the weekend. Because Mount Evans is a beloved local site, you’ll find plenty of locals hiking, camping, and picnicking on the weekends. If you’re less into crowds and more of an independent explorer check it out during the weekdays, where you’ll enjoy tranquility and peace without interruption and will be able to find parking much more easily. The next thing to consider when planning to head up Mount Evans is when the best time of day to visit is. Wildlife buffs will want to visit during early morning hours, as they’ll be able to see bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Those who are just looking for spectacular scenes can visit at any time of day and won’t be disappointed by what they see from 14,000 feet. Check out the video below for a highlight of what you’ll see during your visit to Mount Evans.

mount evans

Before heading up the mountain you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a jacket, blanket, and depending on the time of year, mittens! It can get quite cold at such a high elevation. You won’t want to miss out on the view and adventure, just because of some cold weather. Dress in layers and if you find you’re too warm, simply take a few off.

While visiting Mount Evans you will pass through several climate zones. Toward the bottom of the mountain you’ll seeĀ 2,000-year-old Bristlecone Pine trees. This is one of the few places in the country where these ancients are located. Higher up you’ll see alpine lakes and arctic tundra. Finally, at the top, the trees become smaller until they finally disappear at a “tree line,” where it’s too cold for their survival. By the time you reach the summit, the temperature will have dropped around 40 degrees from the plains below.

Mount Evans is truly a unique place of beauty. From the wild animals like whistling marmots and pikas to the diverse range of flora and fauna every inch of Mount Evans has something to offer. Access fees are based off of the number of people in your vehicle and range from $10 for up to 12 people to $40 for 40+ people. Check out the Mount Evans website to learn more about planning your visit and the parks operating hours.



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