Celebrate Thanksgiving In Your RV This Year!

Windish RV Thanksgiving Tips
Enjoy A Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner In Your RV This Year!

RV camping is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. By spending time out in the great outdoors with the ones we love, we can fully appreciate this beautiful country of ours and the people we hold most dear.

However, there are some special considerations that need to be taken when celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV.  Here are some suggestions on how to prepare and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal in your home away from home.

Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel Kitchen
Thanksgiving in Your RV Can Be Just Like Home

With kitchens such as the one equipped in Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel, you will feel right at home on Thanksgiving!

Think Ahead

Prepare as much as possible in advance. Pies, sweet potatoes, casseroles and other side dishes can be prepared a couple of days ahead and kept in the refrigerator to be warmed up on Thanksgiving Day.

This not only cuts down on time but also precious RV kitchen real estate.

You can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner is travel trailer sized kitchen such as the Dutchmen Kodiak Travel Trailer, with the right planning.

Dutchmen Kodiak Travel Trailer Kitchen
Creative Planning Makes the Most Of RV Kitchens

Think Outside Of Box

Thanksgiving means turkey, however, if your RV has a small oven or no oven at all, that doesn’t mean giving up on the bird on the big day.

Cut your turkey into pieces. by quartering the turkey and laying them flat in a pan, you save space, cooking time and the risk of under done meat.

Consider investing in a turkey deep fryer or electric roaster. Having a separate cooking apparatus dedicated just to your turkey solves many space issues.

Grill your turkey. If you are an avid BBQ enthusiast, grilling a turkey is a delicious take on the Thanksgiving tradition.

An outdoor kitchen such as the one found in the Keystone Laredo 333BH Travel Trailer, is a great way to extend your living space.

Keystone Laredo Travel Trailer Outdoor Kitchen
An Outdoor Kitchen Gives You More Versatility in Your Meal Planning


Other Helpful Tips 

Plan out your cooking appliance use when putting together your recipes. How many stove top burners do you have? What kind of microwave does your RV have? If your RV is equipped with a convection microwave, side dishes like rolls come out browned and delicious.

Consider bringing along a crock pot for the trip. Dishes like sweet potatoes, green bean casseroles and escalloped corn turn out amazing slow cooked to perfection.

Disposable, oval aluminum pans are a good choice for smaller ovens since the sides can be bent to fit smaller spaces better.

Plan B

Even if you don’t feel up to cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in your RV kitchen, you can still celebrate the holiday while traveling.

Consider hosting a potluck get together with your fellow campers. This is a great way to meet new friends and divide the cooking responsibilities.

RV models such as the Keystone Laredo 340FL Front Living Fifth Wheel, provide plenty of room for entertaining new RV friends.

Keystone Laredo Front Living Fifth Wheel
Ample Seating Provides More Room For Friends.

Look into local restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving.  Many provide takeout so you can rest easy in the comfort of your own RV while enjoying a delicious, ready made meal.

Take the Party Outside

If the weather allows, consider turning a picnic table into a Thanksgiving extravaganza. The kids will love helping to decorate and you can stretch out and relax under your large RV awning while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

For more help preparing your RV Thanksgiving plans, Contact Us at Windish RV or visit us at Our Location to stock up on supplies or tour our new RV inventory.

From Your Friends At Windish RV, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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