5 Ways to Keep Cool if Your AC Goes Out


It happens to the best of us. We’re out camping, enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, when all of a sudden a heat wave appears and leaves no end to the misery in sight. You hustle inside and crank up your RV’s air conditioner, but discover it’s suddenly stopped working. Before you cut your camping trip short and rush into your RV repair shop to get it fixed, try out these tips to see if the help keep you cool.


This might seem obvious, but put up a couple fans throughout your RV to keep the air circulating. Leave them running at all times and point them directly on you at night. Keep your windows open and place your fans in front of the window to bring that fresh outside air in.


Windows that don’t open should have their blinds kept lowered so the sunlight isn’t allowed in. This lowers the chance of your RV heating up quicker. Another option is to cover those windows with a reflective tarp or those reflective window protectors you find in auto stores. A last minute option would be to use foil.


Instead of cooking inside your RV try grilling outside or simply using pre-made foods inside. Not using your stove or oven will greatly reduce the amount of heat let off in your RV, thus lowering the temperature.


Be sure to choose clothing that is lightweight and airy. Cotton shirts and light shorts are a great choice. While getting dressed up is fun, it is also more likely to cause you to sweat just because of the sheer amount of clothing you’re wearing. Relax and enjoy a tank top and shorts. After all, you”re on vacation.

Cotton Sheets

The tried and true cotton sheet is not only durable, it’s also super lightweight and comfortable. Unless you’re camping in the Arctic this should be your go-to sheet. It’ll help keep you cool and won’t stain if you find yourself sweating in the middle of a hot night.

Photo Credit: “Kawasaki-Electric Fan”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kawasaki-Electric_Fan.jpg#/media/File:Kawasaki-Electric_Fan.jpg

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