5 RV Hacks to Make Life Easier

glow in the dark tape

Life on the road require planning and forethought. Without this your next trip could be a complete failure. If, for example, you’re planning to vacation in cold weather, but forget to pack extra blankets or sweaters, you might find yourself spending more time inside, than outside enjoying the great outdoors. To help make your life on the road easier, we put together a list of RV hacks that are sure to get you through your next trip with ease.

Easy Hand Washing

We’ve all been at a campsite and needed to wash our hands. Sure, you could head into the RV, tracking in mud and dirt in the process, and wash your hands. This of course also dirties the sink. The other option is to put a bar of soap in a pantyhose and tie it to the water spigot at your campsite. This allows you to wash your hands and keeps the bar of soap from disappearing or falling and collecting dirt.

Black Tank Cleaner

A clean black tank means you can spend more time on the road without having to empty it and also prevent icky smells from wafting into your RV. It also prevents the tank from backing up, which is just gross and can cause pretty expensive damage. Mix a cup of Borax with 1/2 cup Calgon water softener and use this to clean your black tank with ease. Before you do this, be sure to read your owner’s manual to ensure this combination of chemicals is safe.

Keep Flies Away

One of the most annoying things is when flies bombard you at the campground. They land on your food and get into the RV. Prevent this by wiping down everything with a 1:1 ratio of Pine-Sol and water. As extra measure fill a few storage bags with water and some pennies. Hang these bags from your awning. You’ll be amazed at how the flies don’t bother to come near you.


Use bubble wrap to insulate your RV’s windows. Simply wash your windows and tape the bubble wrap over them. This can also be used to insulate your house. So if you still haven’t winterized your house be sure to give this tip a try.

Glow Tape

Not all RVs come with lit entry stairs. The easiest way to make getting in and out of your RV in the dark safe is by purchasing a roll of glow in the dark tape and adhering to the steps.



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